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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I publish with Diva Publications?
Diva Publications is a publishing & marketing service provider for all aspiring/new/and existing Authors
• We are New, so we serve and deliver best services
• We know what an Author really Needs
• We know what Indian readers love to read
What is the publishing process?
• Register with Us.
• Login and Create your profile.
• 'Diva Publications' will help you in choosing most suitable plan.
• Sign the Aggreement.
• Finalize the design and content.
• Submit your manuscript.
• After deciding the plan an agreement will be signed and your book will be out in 5-15 days of final editing.
How many copies of my book will you print?
Whatever plan you choose it is always unlimited no. of copies. As soon as first 150 copies are sold out future printing is scheduled in accordance to the time taken in sale of 150 copies.
Why marketing is not included in publishing packages?
Basic marketing is included in every package. Writing a book is the most difficult job which you've completed, but to take it into notice of the potential readers is a tricky job.
Keeping the plans separate gives author the flexibility to spend for a llonger duration and become a well-known name.
How long will it take to get the book published?
Once the manuscript is final it takes 10 days for your books to be in your hands.
Who will hold the copyright?
It's always the author who has the copyright on his intellectual property. Author is at her/his will to renew contract with 'Diva Publications' at the end of the year (minimum period of contract)
How is the royalty calculated?
We offer three options of royalty, and they're

100 % Profit
MRP – Printing Cost – Discount given to readers - Commission / discount / brokerage of bookseller / online portal
For Example
MRP of a book is250/-
Trade Discount to Sellers 50%125/-
Publishing (Production) Cost is 80/-
Royalty (when the book is sold via markmybook)45/-
Handling charge (when the book is sold via other portal)15/-*
Royalty (when the book is sold via other portal)30/-

*(This is the charge levied by online portals, may vary on different portals)

12.5% On MRP for Lifetime
MRP of a book is250/-

• Readers are offered more discount, which increases the sales of the book.
• Whatever discount is offered to readers, authors earning is secured.

What is the default size of the book?
5" x 7" is the default size
What will be the printing cost of the book?
It depends upon the size, no. of pages, illustrations etc. In general it varies between ₹45/- to ₹125/-
Which file format do you accept?
Doc (MS –Word) file in Unicode font.
Can I get extra books including free copies?
Yes you can always ask us for extra copies at printing cost.
Which publishing package will be the best match for me?
Have a word with 'Diva Publications' even if any of the given plan doesn't suit your requirement we'll custom a plan for you.
Will the books be available online for out of India?
Yes our marketplace DivaPublications.in deliver in 130+ countries.
Can I publish my book in the regional language?
Yes you can but for languages other than Hindi & English it takes a bit longer as we've to engage editors of that particular language.
Do you publish photography or coffee table books?
Yes we do, please send in your manuscript or engage a 'Diva Publications' for more assistance.
Anything else?
If your question is not listed above write us here