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Right from writing to selecting plans to market your book we assist at every step


With a strong association of distributors at markmybook we assist to sell books via brick mortar bookstores across India.


With events, social media campaigns, & big data analysis we make sure that every booklover is aware about the new books.


We make sure that every book is in reach of every booklover in both print & 'E' format across globe.


Writing is the most painstaking part of a book which you've done. You needn't worry about publishing. Get it done seamlessly with us.

Our Book Store

Choose any publishing or marketing plan, your book will get all the services and features any other bestseller gets at Our Book Store.
Diva Publications

Words are Immortal

Everyone has something to say, make it immortal. Pen down your thoughts, feelings& emotions. Hesitant? we're here to assist you at every step. Right from writing to publishing and making the world know about it 'Diva Publications' is with you. We're just a message away. Get your book published.

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